#19945 Astoundingly Clear Needle Quartz Cluster - The Great Healer
Astoundingly Clear Needle Quartz Cluster - The Great Healer
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This quartz cluster is unbelievable! She is 6.5” by 4.8” by 408, weighs 8 lbs 5.5 oz and sits on a golden healer-stained white quartzite matrix that holds the base of the gorgeous crystals above. From this beginning rises a literal city of hundreds and hundreds of thin “needles” of ultra clear quartz – so clear in fact that when you look straight down at the terminations, they seem to disappear. From the side, you see the detail and they truly are glittering, sending rainbows all over with their prism-like properties! She is old stock from Columbia and I’m utterly astounded! She is one of the medium ones – there are substantially larger ones that magnify the energies tremendously. What a huge projection of energy she offers! Apologies about the pictures - she was incredibly hard to photograph (you’ll see her true glory in person) and FYI, I did give blood to the effort!

Well, this group of clusters were found in an emerald mine and they have the emerald energies to them by association – in addition to the extreme quartz vibrations! Hold her between your hands and if you had a Kirlian photograph, you’d see this incredible beacon blasting from your hands! I experimented and placed her (very carefully) on other crystals and watched her deftly broadcast their energies in addition to her own! The possibilities here are endless – she is a facilitator as well as a generator and she can truly accelerate any grid, meditation circle, altar or crystal healing/Reiki treatment. Beside to place her under the treatment table for best effect … and handle her carefully as her needles, while sharp as needles, are also fragile and break easily. She loves the sunshine, so be sure to give her a regular sunbath (after a rain bath) and she’ll reward you with a richness of energy that is truly phenomenal!

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Astoundingly Clear Needle Quartz Cluster - The Great Healer

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