#19947 Blushed Smoky Swiss Rainbowed Quartz – Rare Beacon Crystal
Blushed Smoky Swiss Rainbowed Quartz – Rare Beacon Crystal
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This is a sweet 1.5 oz, 2.1” by 1.05” by 1.1” blushed smoky quartz from the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland. Her base is well slanted and healed and if you examine her carefully, you’ll see that she’s a subtle twin! She is misted in the base up to about half her height and the rest is clear with silver shields and very shy, but vibrant rainbows, There are nice Lemurian lines and a series of keys to the back and side, partially bifurcating a terminal face. And as a bonus … she has a trigonic record keeper! She has a few tiny dings, but nothing of significance … and she’s a perfect pocket or medicine pouch size.

I have to admit that one of the perks of working with crystals is that you get to meet some wonderful crystalline Spirits and this is one of them. She is also one I’d love to keep, except I know that I’m not her true Keeper and that wouldn’t be fair – to her or her Keeper. That being said, she has asked specifically to go to a Keeper who works extensively with people – a teacher, counselor, manager, etc. She has a profound lesson of tolerance, understanding and compassion within her. Her rainbows, above all else, show the wondrous variation of expression. There are but seven colors in the rainbow, but an infinite combination of those colors. And we never tire of seeing it! In parallel, our own human race likewise shows that infinite variation in all its wondrous expressions! Of course, some are easier to take and understand than others. But the difficult ones are the ones that need understanding and compassion the most. This gentle Spirit is dedicated to healing and will assist her Keeper by inspiring patience, caring and empathy so that together, you embrace them all! And, this Spirit is what I call a Beacon Crystal. This is a class of starbrary that is appearing from time to time. These are the ancient ones, the callers. They were used in all the locations where starbraries were seeded and would appear when a critical mass of people began to work with them. She is meant for one Light Worker and one only (and sadly, I’m not that Light Worker …). She will serve as the center of a star grid for that person and beyond that, she will not say – as many of the beacon crystals do not – they open only for the One. I agreed to go no deeper as the messages are not for me. If you are that Star Seed, you are in for the trip of a lifetime! She awaits you …

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Blushed Smoky Swiss Rainbowed Quartz – Rare Beacon Crystal

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