#19977 Soft Indigo Blue Apatite – Psychic Activation
Soft Indigo Blue Apatite – Psychic Activation
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This is an unusual and sweet 2.3 oz blue apatite from Goveia, Brazil, 2.4” by 1.1” by 0.75”. She has an unusual shape with keys two sides and a layer of golden apatite adjoining the largest key. Her color looks a bit smoky then clear, and then a luscious indigo-blue layer! Note … the green background behind adds a bit of green color - her blue is far more pronounced. She is very amazing and totally awesome!

Like her teal-blue crystalline cousin from Bahia, she is a crystal doorway. As soon as you pick her up, you feel a profound pulsing in your Third eye – profound and intense. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance: they are all senses beyond our own physical ones. We get inklings of them, some more than others and often, it is such a strange sensation that our tendency is to dismiss it as spurious. This Spirit opens our Self up to the Gateway of the Psychic Realm so that we can begin to make sense of it all and blend together into one coherent knowing. She is SUCH an important Spirit in that regard. Unless we open our Self to the full potential of all we are, we cannot truly accelerate our Spiritual Growth. Her phantomed, layered growth shows the levels possible to open within us … and to blossom with learning!

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Soft Indigo Blue Apatite – Psychic Activation

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