#19991 AAA Karur Lilac Amethyst Elestial Flower with Reverse Scepter
AAA Karur Lilac Amethyst Elestial Flower with Reverse Scepter
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This is a gorgeous AAA 3.5 oz and 2.95” by 2.2” by 1.4” “lilac” amethyst flower from Karur, India. Her back is lighter still and shows the “flower” center … and to the side is a cute reverse scepter! One side shows a bit of calcite and the crystals in her flower top are clear and Herkimer diamond-like. With a loupe, you’ll see a few tiny spheroids of hematite and a few needles of cacoxinite. She is glittery, shimmery and totally beautiful and will be a favorite for a wondrous meditation!

She comes from Karur, located in southern India and known for its lush scenery and ancient temples. Karur has been an important part of the Tamil Nadu region for hundreds of years and boasts a rich and varied history. They are known for their beautiful textiles as well as brilliant gemstone beads. In face, so much of the mine production is used to produce these beads, that little intact material ever leaves India. In 2004, the Asian Tsunami all but destroyed the Tamil Nadu region and there was no production for years. And now, here are these beautiful Spirits, even more rare and more exquisite than before!

This Spirit is not like the Brazilian amethyst flowers – her energy is stronger and more pure – like ultra-pure! I tried using her over the Third Eye and rotating her – WOW! Every position (and every side) has a different energy! And then I tried the Heart Chakra – double WOW! The Karur energy has a very unique signature and here it is, in different form and pouring forth from hundreds of points, reinforcing the beauty of the Spirit and the intensity of expression! Her scepter energies speak of your own growing “power” in harnessing your ecstatic activation of Self. This is a Spirit for one seeking the Violet Flame and wanting to experience it in its fullness, yet without the “rush” of energy … like a something savored with time and the delicious slowness of its coming. She reminds me that all of this is with great responsibility, however, for once the Flame is activated, it is the Soul’s role to work with it in celebration of the Light. She is a wonderful Spirit and a great source of enlightenment!

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AAA Karur Lilac Amethyst Elestial Flower with Reverse Scepter

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