#19993 Apophyllite and Apophyllite Druse-Covered Pale Mint Green Datolite
Apophyllite and Apophyllite Druse-Covered Pale Mint Green Datolite
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This fabulous cluster is 4.6 oz of sparkling apophyllite over pale glassine-green datolite from Dal’negorsk, Russia. He is a study in pastel greens and sparkle – totally magnificent at 1.9” by 2.1” by 1.6”! At first, he just looks like apophyllite crystals, but the color leans towards green … at his base contact area (he will self-stand on his base contact area), you will see why … his heart is green datolite and a few datolite crystals peek out at the sides, generously covered with teeny apophyllite druse. Believe me when I say that he will take your breath away with his beauty and energy!

Datolite is a wonderful Spirit for dealing with change, particularly the understanding of why things happen the way they do. First, he provides a sense of history so that you understand the path of change through the millennia. Seeing WHAT has happened is important – there are deep lessons in it all! Secondly, he provides alternatives in change – in every road, there are forks, and often it is difficult to decide which will be the better path. Know that each offers different lessons and that truly, there is never a bad choice since there is always a lesson to be taken from the travel. And lastly, he helps you realize that it is not just the goal to be savored, but also the journey. His apophyllite druse is a critical ingredient in this mix as the apophyllite energies filter out the untruths in all that is presented and you only see purity, truth and light … like a guiding Spirit in all that lies before you! This Spirit indeed, helps you embrace the splendor of all that you do and follow in this lifetime, celebrating the steps as you go!

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Apophyllite and Apophyllite Druse-Covered Pale Mint Green Datolite

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