#20013 Glittery Deep Violet Bubbles of Chalcedony - Indonesia
Glittery Deep Violet Bubbles of Chalcedony - Indonesia
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This is a deeply-colored 0.6 oz, 1.95” by 1” by 0.75” colony of glittery, shimmering, chalcedony bubbles from Indonesia. Her colors are lovely deep shades of violet, all in grand profusion, almost like a grape cluster! The bubbles range from tiny to relatively large with bits of golden healer here and there. She is truly a ballet of crystalline expression – simply beautiful with loving energies to match her beauty.

Chalcedony is a Spirit of friendship and harmony. Placed in a room where there will be meetings will help in maintaining a friendly atmosphere during conversation. Her more violet tones create an aura of higher learning and discussions where two opinions need to be blended into one strong one. Her pink brings in the softness and moderation of the heart and her peach speaks to the passion that allows the things you love to be put into physical expression. Her energies belie her size and you will find her a beautiful and yet irreplaceable partner!

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Glittery Deep Violet Bubbles of Chalcedony - Indonesia

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