#20023 Luscious, Gemmy DT Green Apatite Crystal - Sapo Mines
Luscious, Gemmy DT Green Apatite Crystal - Sapo Mines
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This is a glorious and gemmy DT apatite crystal (actually two crystals, joined is a staggered stack with dish-shaped lower termination), 1.4" by 0.7" by 0.8". His color is hard to describe – it is grayed in areas, golden-green in others and blue-green in yet others. He is elestial with wonderful glyphs on sides and terminations. Study him with a loupe and you’ll see the wondrous inclusions that give him so much character, including an opalescent area and several brilliant rainbows. He comes from the famed Sapo tourmaline mines in Brazil.

Apatite is known as the stone of friendship. Because its energy is between the heart and the Solar Plexus, it helps us open our hearts to people. He is a wonderful stone for someone working with larges groups, particularly if the stress level has the potential for becoming highly charged. He is also perfect for laying on the body during a crystal healing or Reiki treatment when dealing with a patient who has difficulty relating to others, making friends or developing meaningful relationships. Carrying him in the pocket or medicine pouch opens his energy to his Keeper personally, always a smile!

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Luscious, Gemmy DT Green Apatite Crystal - Sapo Mines

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