#20029 Pair of Green Kyanite with Blue Stripe
Pair of Green Kyanite with Blue Stripe
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This is a gorgeous pair of green kyanite totaling 0.4 oz and each about 1.75”. Each is translucent with mostly shades of green highlighted by a blue stripe! What a perfect pair for medicine pouch, crystal layouts or even jewelry! They are arrivals from Tanzania.

Kyanite is one of the few crystals that never needs cleansing or clearing. There is none better at Chakra alignment and with that alignment, comes a sense of security and well-being – all IS right with the world. The Chakra opening is gentle, thorough and deep. These are particularly well suited to a crystal healing or Reiki practice where the practitioner is dealing with patients who are afraid to speak of what is in their heart. Hold each like you would a knife and gently draw through the aura, paying careful attention to “sticky” areas. Don’t force, but gently guide the wand along. You will notice the patient relaxing and he/she may even go to sleep while you work. I particularly like using them for personal meditation, particularly when you’re having difficulty “getting in”. Place the pair in a grid to induce soothing energies and facilitate the meditation. Place one under a pillow at night and to do the same with your dream-state. Each is a wonderful Spirit to work with and carry, ready for any time you need to grab some “quiet moments”.

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Pair of Green Kyanite with Blue Stripe

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