#20041 Sparkly Red Wise-Woman Smoky Fire Quartz Wand
Sparkly Red Wise-Woman Smoky Fire Quartz Wand
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This is a wonderful 6.3 oz light smoky quartz (in spite of first appearances) from Brazil that has a wonderful red color and a bright interior from a few little silver foils inside! She is 4.3” by 1.4” by 1.4” and as you hold her to the light, check her with a loupe and you’ll see those many spheroids of red hematite as well as flames of fiery lepidocrosite! A sprinkling of specular hematite on the outside gives her a sparkly look as well. She has nice Lemurian lines with a slanted and healed base and a few holographic glyphs. She is earthy, ethereal, mysterious, ancient smoke and fire, all in one absolutely astounding Spirit with marvelous, confident, expressive presence … she has a few very tiny dings, but wears them well and doesn’t let them get in her way!

She is a very ancient Soul with wonderful, grandmotherly wisdom … and sense of humor (yes … she’s quite entertaining which seems to be a characteristic of this wonderful quartz … if you want chatty …this is your gal). She reminds me of one of those grandmas who is never still, a spitfire on the move and always with something to do. But she always has time for others and assisting where she can. This is the kind of Spirit you will find – one who will tell you not necessarily what you want to hear, but rather what you need to know. I think you will be totally astounded at the depth you will reach when she meshes with her true Keeper!

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Sparkly Red Wise-Woman Smoky Fire Quartz Wand

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