#20042 Stately Dow Atlantean Seer Quartz Wand - Bridge between the Worlds
Stately Dow Atlantean Seer Quartz Wand - Bridge between the Worlds
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This is a very unusual 5 oz quartz, and 4.15” by 1.5” by 1” Dow crystal from Brazil. Now, Dows are alternating faces of seven and three-sides (7-3-7-3-7-3), however her three-sided faces are so tiny, that it almost makes her look as if she has only three … and her seven-sided faces are each a different size and one is interrupted by a small key. Kaolin cloaks her faces and three sides and in her areas of relative clarity, you can see a blush of pink lithium. Her sides are slightly matte finish and she’s partially filled inside, but with a very strong backlight, you’ll see the phantoms in her termination that she’s known for … and a bit of citrine color where the keys permit the view. Her sides have nice Lemurian lines and some interesting Leo starbrary glyphs … it is hard not to run your fingers up and down, savoring the sensations that seem to activate the phantom energies plus there are many keys on three sides, giving her many comfortable hand-holding positions. There are also sparkles from a few teeny crystals and keys of titanite! There are some tiny chips on her terminal faces and a few odd, healed dings elsewhere, but nothing to alter her awesome energy or magnificent presence!

Dows are the ultimate expression of balance: the 7-3-7-3-7-3 arrangement of faces, is a Master Crystal. Threes represent Mind, Body and Soul; Life, Death, Rebirth, the sacred Trinity. Sevens represent the seven frequencies of the tonal scale (do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do), the seven colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), the seven Chakras, the seven directions (east, west, north, south, above, below and within). Together the 7+3 equals 10: another numeric perfection: ten toes, ten fingers, etc. The sum of all the sides is 30 – another ‘3’ – in the perfection of the circle. When a phantom is integrated with these energies, there is an incredible energy bridge built. As you hold this Spirit in your hands, you can feel the energy build and focus, then emit in waves. She crosses dimensions and joins time, space and beyond as she has done for millennia … and the purpose she assumed in Atlantis as a Seer. It all works together in joyous integration! It’s also interesting as she has a very protective force within her and she would be useful to carry for a Keeper who suffers from psychic attack. It’s not enough to bridge the worlds without making sure that when you do so, you aren’t inviting in unwanted entities. In the perfection of her Dow energies and the focus of her fabulous phantoms, she will help her Keeper maintain a high level of Spiritual movement and awareness. Brilliant!

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Stately Dow Atlantean Seer Quartz Wand - Bridge between the Worlds

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