#20060 Clear Blushed Smoky DT Swiss Quartz
Clear Blushed Smoky DT Swiss Quartz
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This is a blushed smoky, 4 oz, 3.1” by 1.9” by 1.2” DT quartz from the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland, a very rare location. He has a number of students and it twinned with an elestial base termination lined with a druse of small students that are rented gray from some unknown mineral. There are lovely Lemurian lines that carry up onto his faces and a rather large silver foil that lights him up with rainbows!. The smaller twin has a very little nick to the back of his termination, but absolutely nothing that alters his handsome Self or his awesome energy! This Spirit has an amazing feel and energy!

Smoky quartz is a generally a grounder and protector, allowing clarity of thought and deliberation of action. This Spirit with his blushed smoky vibrations, radiates a lightness rather than a more somber presentation. There are energies all around us, thrown off by others both intentionally and unintentionally. We pick them up rather easily – did you ever notice how tired you feel after being in crowds or a lot of traffic? This is a magnificent Spirit to help ward off all those occurrences so that you maintain a kind of cocoon of protection around you and yet understand your need to be out and about. You can also use him in protection grids, set up in a healing room for the Healer who will be working with many patients. This is truly an amazing Spirit that will infuse you with joy, love and protection.

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Clear Blushed Smoky DT Swiss Quartz

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