#20081 Magnificent Shimmering Clouded Smoky Quartz - Incredible Glyphs
Magnificent Shimmering Clouded Smoky Quartz - Incredible Glyphs
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This magnificent 1 lb 14.6 oz is 6.8" by 3.3" by 2.8" and is shrouded in the mystery of his clouded, smoky depths. He is light smoky and clouded within and his faces resemble ice on a deep winter’s day. The “clouds” and ice patterns alone seem to have movement. His sides and faces are intricately glyphed and you could spend hours just pondering them alone, each reading like a different chapter in a book. Interestingly, there are almost holographic images on his sides that shimmer in the light … difficult to show in a photo. His base is long, healed and well-slanted. Albite dots the base and some of the faces. A single hardy student resides on his side and a single large one rather cathedraled on another side. There are a few nicks and dings but nothing that He is totally fascinating and the pictures just plain do not do him justice! He is from Pakistan and a perfect size for scrying, personal meditation or your favorite altar places.

Look at those faces! When I hold this Spirit, I feel like the mysteries of the ages are just pouring forth in rapid profusion. He teaches how to discover the layers of our own being, evaluating each layer for merit and relevance to our current incarnation. This Spirit functions as a window to the very core of your being, allowing you to manifest what you need for true Spiritual growth. You see probabilities, alternatives and opportunities as each and every experience you had as a Light Being is laid before you. You are able to slide along the time scale, forwards and back, and optimize Soul advancement in this life’s expression. He is a very potent and powerful Spirit and perfect for the Light Worker looking for deeper and more rapid advancement.

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Magnificent Shimmering Clouded Smoky Quartz - Incredible Glyphs

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