#20132 Pair - Sweet Rose Quartz Cluster and Turquoise Angel’s Peace Quartz Cluster
Pair - Sweet Rose Quartz Cluster and Turquoise Angel’s Peace Quartz Cluster
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This is a pair of truly angelic crystalline Beings: a 0.7 oz Brazilian 1.1” by 1” by 0.8” lovely rose quartz cluster and a 0.4 oz, Pakistani 1.3” by 0.85” by 0.8” Angel’s Peace, turquoise quartz cluster. I was going to list these two separately, but you know how crystals are …. they wanted to be together. Not only are they beautiful, but the two really radiate such loving energy that they form an angelic bond that will lift your Spirits. The rose quartz has beautiful, little clear crystals with a side of blushed smoky ones and the Angel’s Peace cluster is a sparkling array of turquoise (likely from fuschite) crystals! The pair is wondrous for a Keeper dealing with loss and grief or a Healer working with patients with unresolved loss or grief.

Rose quartz is the Queen among crystal entities for no other crystal soothes the heart the way she does. She allows you first, to find the love of Self (critical for self-esteem, centeredness and focus) and then love of others. She teaches compassion and empathy and enhances the work of other crystals so that their strength is not too great for the body. Albite is a truth-seeker, allowing you to find truth among conflict, statements and occasions. She is a good size to hold in the hand during personal meditation or to place under the table of a crystal healing or Reiki healer. Place her under the pillow or bed to bring loving dreams and relationship understanding. Or, at the end of a stress-filled day, run a warm bath with her in the water – you will feel immersed in peace and love! She is a treasure!

Although small, I was overwhelmed by the sense of peace and security I felt when holding this Angel’s Peace Spirit! It was as if angels had enveloped me with their wings and I was safe, secure and totally loved beyond anything I had ever experienced. My heart was open wide, my throat was open wide and my Third Eye was pulsing as waves of the most amazing turquoise color filled my aura. She truly is an Angel’s gift. This Spirit feels right at home either over the Third Eye or the Heart, although I really favor the Heart – it is only with the heart that we truly see (from Antoine St. Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’). She permits us a whole new level of compassion, understanding and love that we have never known.

These two clusters are wondrous for processing grief, particularly with the loss of a loved one … human, canine, feline, equine … all! These crystals are so incredible in helping you understand what is truly in your heart and instilling a comfort with that knowledge of celebrating the wonderful life you shared!

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Pair - Sweet Rose Quartz Cluster and Turquoise Angel’s Peace Quartz Cluster

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