#20150 Yummy Chocolate Quartz Cluster with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline) - Balancing
Yummy Chocolate Quartz Cluster with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline) - Balancing
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This is a really yummy chocolate quartz from Brazil … 2.9 oz and 2.3” by 2.2” by 1.3” and is a cluster of chocolate brown tipped! The colors vary from a deep dark chocolate to a milk chocolate to a caramel … simple lovely! Now with a loupe, you will see that was the chocolate deposited in tiny spheroids … hematite! To the base, there are crystals of albite and on top, there is an inset of what I thought was also albite, but it’s columns of mica! As I was editing the photos, I noticed a blue area. With a loupe, I could see that it’s actually a little inset of indicolite (blue tourmaline) rods! Pictures and words cannot adequately describe all this – seeing for yourself will take you into a wonderful world of discovery … and it’s strictly low-cal!

In spite of being brown and brown is supposed to be grounding, this crystal is not! Her energy is in waves, gentle but insistent and very clearing. I feel uplifted and yet grounded … very balanced. This Spirit is wonderful in a room where you will be doing work – her balance of energy will keep you on task and always pushing the envelope of your capabilities. Her albite enables finding the truth in those capabilities (those that are your true passions) and her indicolite enables you to apply those passions to ethereal balance as well. You will find that she functions as a muse, helping and assisting to bring out the best in you, showing you you the height and breath of your capabilities and reminds you that a solid core always holds everything together as long as you focus and apply your Self! What an awesome crystalline companion!

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Yummy Chocolate Quartz Cluster with Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline) - Balancing

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