#20156 Beguiling Elestial Sheet Quartz for Dimensional Travel
Beguiling Elestial Sheet Quartz for Dimensional Travel
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From Brazil comes this unique and awesome 0.8 oz, 2.25” by 1.2” by 0.5” sheet quartz! Besides being a DT, she is elestial and sparkles as you turn her in the light. Sheet quartz is different from a tabby in that they are thinner, much thinner, and look as though they were cast on a flat surface, almost like a window. She is a bit thicker than that because of the elestialization but still, this is one of the most beautiful crystals ever with her teeny faces, Lemurian lines and shallow waterfall key to one side! She is in excellent condition too!

Sheet quartz is a kind of “seer stone” in that she allows you a window to other worlds, other dimensions, including your inner Self. Placed over the Third Eye, she opens you up to those possibilities and allows you to see things from a completely different (and often quite unusual) perspective. Like her cousin, the tabby, she is a wonderful communicator and will assist with not just introspection, but evaluating situations from different perspectives. The Navajo speak of the “Seventh Generation” – all that they do must meet the scrutiny of the Seventh Generation and the effect changes today will have on them. Although it means that they may move slowly in some respects, they choose change that is beneficial in the long run as opposed to short-term returns. This mentality accustoms you to looking at a variety of perspectives, some not obvious. She is just an awesome crystal and one you will treasure as a meditation companion!

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Beguiling Elestial Sheet Quartz for Dimensional Travel

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