#20158 Dazzling Gemmy Orange Vanadinite on Creamy Barite
Dazzling Gemmy Orange Vanadinite on Creamy Barite
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This is a 2.3 oz, 1.9” by 1.5” by 0.95” gemmy eye-popping orange vanadinite from Morocco! The crystals are well formed and sort of arranged in rows atop a “matrix” of peach and cream barite. There are even flashes of golden fire! The contrast is exceptional and you won’t believe the sparkle! This is a gorgeous piece!

Vanadinite is wonderful for the meditative state, helping provide focus and concentration. Too many times when I sit to meditate, the day’s activities flash through my mind and it’s a real chore trying to stop thinking about all that and get into the meditation. I love the effect of the vanadinite – like a vast clearing! Then, the barite adds such a wonderful state of calm and serenity. This isn’t a rush as much as a sense of well-being, belonging and knowing. Overall, the two in combination prepare you well for meditation and then you are ready to work with whatever crystal you want! What a wonderful gift!

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Dazzling Gemmy Orange Vanadinite on Creamy Barite

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