#20165 Gentle Heart-Stimulating Pink Danburite with Strange Glyphs
Gentle Heart-Stimulating Pink Danburite with Strange Glyphs
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This is a stunningly clear pale pink danburite from Mexico. The color is light but luscious and accented with a few little rainbows. There is an inner clarity to her upper half, with her lower half accented with silver shields. She is 1 oz and 1.7” by 1.2” by 0.75” with striated sides and textbook termination. There are neat glyphs on her sides but totally amazing ones on her faces! With a loupe, you can see that there is a meandering “streak” on her largest face with two little “flower” glyphs at one facial edge … a loupe will help you see them well! Two of her small faces have a snow-white covering of icing-like chalcedony. She is nothing but delightful and will bring her Keeper much joy!

Danburite has astounding energies. Most of the danburite available is the clear white color and the energy is very Crown Chakra. The pink, however, has a wonderful, soft, gentle heart feel that spills into the Crown. It's an amazing sensation as she truly opens you for that next step in Spiritual advancement.

She appeals to the child in all of us – that child who willingly expresses the heart without fear or hesitation. As we grow into adulthood, we guard our heart and only occasionally allow others to see what is there. In addition, we store all those "lessons" we have learned about love – you know, the ones where we lose our trust, our innocence and our openness. In order to Spiritually advance, we have to remove those blockages to true love and abandon anything that holds us back. This sweet danburite Spirit can assist with that opening. Be prepared to make the most of this rare opportunity!

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Gentle Heart-Stimulating Pink Danburite with Strange Glyphs

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