#20189 Platinum-Colored Rutile and Brookite in DT Electric Quartz
Platinum-Colored Rutile and Brookite in DT Electric Quartz
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This is a fascinating and small DT crystal cluster of two larger crystals and several smaller golden-healer stained ones, 0.8 oz and 1.8” by 1.1” by 0.7” from Brazil and there are some nice Leo starbrary glyphs on her sides. When I first looked at here, I thought she had a band of lodelite through her center, but it’s actually a layer of tiny quartz crystals and from this layer, platinum-colored rutile springs out on both sides of the “island”. There are tiny blades of brookite along this island and with a loupe, you can see it better. Brookite and rutile are the same chemically, but take on different crystalline forms (like coal and diamond) but the energy is far more electric. She has a few small dings, but nothing troublesome in the least – you just will not believe how awesome this crystal is and what an energetic wallop she packs!

This Spirit really opens up the Third Eye in spiral, pulsing waves. The brookite energies of Chakra activation are boosted by the rutile by an order of magnitude … I was astounded by the degree! Her back is a perfect conduit, brought into contact with the palm meridians. Wet her with a little rainwater to allow her crystalline musk to rise to enhance the effect. Now, close your eyes and your mind literally zooms outward and upward – kind of a weightless feeling that you will get used to as you work with her. Focus on an issue of importance to you in the Now and she will help you bring information forward critical to the analysis and resolution. To work with her is to recall times when Spirituality was revered and cherished … and times we are coming to now! You can fully understand why she would be important to Shamans and why such a crystal would be restricted in use to only one with a pure heart and even purer intentions. She is a serious crystal for a Light Worker on a Shaman’s path.

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Platinum-Colored Rutile and Brookite in DT Electric Quartz

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