#20195 Sweet, Natural Blue-Green Tanzanite
Sweet, Natural Blue-Green Tanzanite
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This is wonderful 2.51 gram, 0.75” by 0.5” by 0.2” blue-green crystal of tanzanite from Pakistan. Tanzanite was found originally in a single vein several decades ago and none has been found there since so Pakistan is a rare find! Tanzanite is pleochroic, an optical phenomenon in which a crystal has different colors when observed at different angles. Initially, you will think this crystal is green but at a different angle, she is a lovely blue. When heated artificially, the blue-violet color emerges. You will be enchanted by this sweet and yet mysterious crystal!

This is a wonderful little Spirit for sharpening psychic abilities and enhance your ability to relate what you perceived and then communicating same to your Higher Self! It seems a simple task, but it is incredibly critical to Spiritual evolution. She would love to be in a medicine pouch (she might easily get lost in a pocket) and is small enough to be made into a pretty pendant with silver wire-wrapping!

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Sweet, Natural Blue-Green Tanzanite

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