#20201 Amazing Peruvian Tabby "Blue" Barite for Dreamtime
Amazing Peruvian Tabby Blue Barite for Dreamtime
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When I unwrapped these crystals from my supplier, I was stunned – these are truly the most beautiful barites I’ve ever seen! They are from Peru and although I call him blue, he’s sort of blue, sort of gold, sort of green and definitely clear, clear, clear! Rainbows just gleam from within (although hard to catch with the camera) and he a series of tabby and stacked blades sitting atop a bit of Mother Earth matrix interspersed with teeny barite crystals. I guarantee that you will find him most glorious and beautiful. He measures 1.25” by 0.95” by 0.4” and weighs 7.4 grams.

Barite is a wonderful crystal for the dreamtime, both in stimulating the actual dream state and realizing your dreams once you return to the conscious state. After all, it does no good to dream unless we put time and energy into achieving our wildest dreams. Keep this wonderful Spirit on a nightstand close to your pillow (or even on your desk … ) to remind you to dare to live your dreams! With his lofty and bright vibrations, he challenges you constantly so that you never forget the importance of the dream … and the dreamer!

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Amazing Peruvian Tabby “Blue” Barite for Dreamtime

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