#20215 Glowing and Vibrant Sunset Rutile Quartz Channeler Pillar
Glowing and Vibrant Sunset Rutile Quartz Channeler Pillar
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This is a 1.4 oz, 1.7” by 1.4” by 0.65” quartz pillar, expertly carved by master carvers in Brazil from Brazilian quartz. She is utterly filled with rutile and blended with glowing and soft but vibrant, shades of sunset! She has a classic channeler termination and every face and side have the most incredible light play with the fibers. The rutile is clumped in areas and like spun sugar in others … and the back has been left natural in areas so that the original expression of the quartz could be retained. What a glorious and wonderful Spirit this is – truly a crystalline sunset, ready to delight her special Keeper!

This Spirit is a classic second Chakra energy. She shows the rich and vibrant wealth of energies available to anyone who truly opens in this area. Seriously, it’s one that both men and women ignore – men do as they tend to follow more their intellectual and logical side and women do as they tend to dismiss their creativity, particularly in their early adult years. Now, these are generalizations and not true for all. This Spirit is about opening wide and releasing all the creativity, the passion and the joie de vivre that we all have inside. She helps us to understand that opening these emotions gives us a reason to be and a role in life – and to find love and joy in all that we do. Each and every act, when done with love and passion, becomes a blessing beyond measure. This is a Spirit who will be a treasure and a muse …

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Glowing and Vibrant Sunset Rutile Quartz Channeler Pillar

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