#20283 Rugged DT Smoky Lemurian Quartz with Enhydros and Lightning Strike
Rugged DT Smoky Lemurian Quartz with Enhydros and Lightning Strike
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This is a totally unusual DT quartz just received from Madagascar and supposed to be amethyst, but I have to say that if it’s amethyst, it’s beyond pale. She is a very lovely smoky that ranges from light to medium, 8 oz, 4.1” by 1.85” by 1.5” ancient looking quartz. Both terminations are slanted and well-healed with areas of clarity. The sides have rather profound Lemurian lines and as she clears, you can see the fenstering and bubble chambers inside. When these quartz shipped from Madagascar, the miners had marked the bubbles with red marker. I removed as much as I could but there are some areas where the red penetrated, so please ignore the small bits of red remaining. In any case, there are at least four enhydros. Three are small and one is deeper but large - I saw the movement of the bubble before I saw the boundaries and all will require a loupe to see well. She does have some areas of frosting, a few shy rainbows and golden healer insets plus on one side, there is an ancient and healed lightning strike! She has some very tiny dings, but nothing of significance at all – you will be in awe of her vibrant energy!

My first lightning strike quartz actually happened to me. I had a particularly intense meditation and at the end, I went to set the crystal on the table as I got up. The room was dark and as I reached for the table, there was a flash of light and an audible pop and I felt a piece of the crystal hit my palm! This was some time ago and I'd never heard of lightning strike quartz, so I thought the crystal was ruined! There was a gash running nearly her whole length, all cross-hatched. She was extraordinarily hot too! I emailed a friend and she explained what had happened – and my quartz was far from ruined – she is one of the most intense crystals that it has been my privilege to know – and she is a perennial meditation favorite!

Interestingly, this process is similar to what happens when the crystal is in the ground. Lightning strikes in the vicinity and the current created leaves these marks on the surfaces. 

This Spirit has a very ancient feel to her and in fact, when you think of the water inside her, it blows my mind to know that it’s millions of years old! Enhydros are a bit of a misnomer … the bubble isn’t actually water … it’s air inside the water and when you study this Spirit, it’s pretty easy to see. Water, air, fire (lightning) and Earth (the crystal itself) … they are all present in perfect balance. This is a Spirit for a Keeper who is struggling with all the Spiritual development and integrating same into physical expression. One seems to get away from the other and the Keeper is either too grounded (and lethargic and without energy) or flighty and rather light-headed. She will help you understand the importance of balance and gently assist in the achievement of that balance. She is a splendid Spirit and certainly one of a kind for a Keeper who will look past her humble appearance and accept her wondrous energies!

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Rugged DT Smoky Lemurian Quartz with Enhydros and Lightning Strike

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