#20302 Amazing Iron Cross - Pseudomorph Goethite after Twin Pyrite
Amazing Iron Cross - Pseudomorph Goethite after Twin Pyrite
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This is an amazing Iron Cross from Gachala, Colombia, 1 oz and 0.9” by 0.8” by 0.8”. The iron cross shape is created by a a very unique series of events when a mineral or mineral compound is replaced by another while retaining the crystalline form of the first. The name literally means "false form". In this case, the original form was a twinned pyrite ( a classic “cube in cube”) that was replaced by a limonite iron (aka goethite which is a blend of iron oxides) … thus iron in a pyrite shape. The entire structure is cubic and the iron cross is visible on the sides of which four are really obvious. The cube has a wonderful hand feel and will make a perfect pocket companion for his Keeper!

These iron crosses are magical - they enhance analysis and thus allow their Keeper to pull all the pieces together making them excellent for problem solving on all levels. The goethite energy almost whisks you away! We have to permit our Self to climb out of those deep ruts of the expected and enjoy what we have and can be in all aspects. He is wonderful, in a crystal layout or grid where his ethereal energies can remove HUGE blocks from the aura. Keep him close by you for constant protection from negativity. But, above all, use him carefully; his cleansing abilities can leave a person astoundingly open and susceptible. Limit working with him, gradually increasing the time and frequency until you adjust to the high energy levels. He is then a wonderful catalyst for change and Spiritual advancement.

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Amazing Iron Cross - Pseudomorph Goethite after Twin Pyrite

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