#20303 Astounding White Lightning Pleiadian Quartz Wand with Black Tourmaline
Astounding White Lightning Pleiadian Quartz Wand with Black Tourmaline
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This is an astounding 2.6 oz, 4.4” by 0.95” by 0.95” quartz from Brazil with subtle Pleiadian glyphs on her sides. To her back and two sides is a complex area of white chlorite insets, an array of neat rods of black (schorl) tourmaline! The tourmaline is also included in her termination and a bit in her slanted and healed base! A key crosses the base on one side. There is a very satisfying feel to her sides and when you anoint her with rainwater, she has a most magnificent crystalline musk! She is a stunner, albeit a very unique one, in every respect!

Usually, lightning quartz is marked with zig-zags from energy surges which have been released. Well, this one IS white lightning in every sense of the name! DO NOT point her at anything that you do not want infused with her energy beams! Her tourmaline, while protective, won’t stop white lightning. It She acts more like an energy guide and the tourmaline mellows her. Quartz like this were used in Atlantis and Lemuria and highly sought-after ones at that! Although they were abused in that period, they are appearing once again, but with modifications so that they are never used with that intent again. You will find this Spirit incredible for activating grids, purifying areas in which healing is done, cleaning the stagnant energy from rooms and establishing a protective energy bubble around your home, car, office and Self – in short, manifesting those things in your life which shield and protect! Plus she is awesome for dream therapy, an important aspect of understanding your bubble of energy. She is an astounding and capable helper and will be a true blessing to her Keeper.

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Astounding White Lightning Pleiadian Quartz Wand with Black Tourmaline

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