#20305 Beveled, Polished Teardrop Melody Stone Quartz Cab
Beveled, Polished Teardrop Melody Stone Quartz Cab
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This is a 6 gram, 1.45” by 0.8” by 0.2” teardrop-shaped cab of positively lovely Melody Stone quartz from Espirito Santo, Brazil. Melody Stone contains white, smoky and amethyst quartz plus lepidocrosite, goethite, rutile and cacoxinite and comes from Espirito do Santo, Brazil. Because each crystal has the total energy of the combination, not all must be visible for the energy to be intact. She has all but cacoxinite and the bulk of them form a nice phantom to one side and through the bottom. The entire effect is both fascinating and utterly stimulating and you get lost in the crystalline landscapes she has created … she is meant for a very special Keeper!

This Spirit is perfect for either a crystal healing or Reiki practice or wire wrapping into an impressive necklace. Just holding her while I took the pictures was amazing – her energy just radiated in undulating prickles – a very strange sensation. She would be lovely used as a piece of jewelry, but I can see her more used in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where her massive energy can be used in a healing manner. She is power and balance all at once, heightening your own “sixth sense” about things. Use her in personal meditation as the center of a grid in which you use stones like petalite or phenacite and others to heighten psychic abilities. Because of her shape, she can actually be rotated to adjust energy levels. She is absolutely a one of a kind piece and a beauty beyond measure!

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Beveled, Polished Teardrop Melody Stone Quartz Cab

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