#20315 Exquisite and Rare Mica Replaced Quartz with Bridges
Exquisite and Rare Mica Replaced Quartz with Bridges
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This is such an awesome quartz, it’s hard to know where to start! She’s a little beauty from Capalina, Brazil, 0.7 oz and measuring 2” by 1.8” by 0.6”. She is a single DT quartz crystal with a few little students neat her top termination as well as a small blade of epidote. You’ll notice that she has a curious look to her – mottled shades of gold and deep green with only a bit of clarity. In fact, she is a rare replacement quartz meaning that during her growth, the quartz matrix was literally filled with little flakes of glittering mica. You can see that she sparkles when turned in the light. About a third of the way from her base termination, there is a long bridge crystal (which also hosts a blade of epidote) that finishes with two bridge crystals that form a triangle. The terminations of the long one and the one at its end are both broken off and healed. Her contrasts are nothing short of magnificent and with a loupe, you will be able to see the millions of tiny mica flakes that create the effect! I guarantee that she will take your breath away!

I am totally taken by this beauty and there are so many aspects to her energy. While working with her, I was drawn into her swirling mists, great for scrying. Now, this is not scrying for another, but rather personal scrying where you bring different aspects of self to the surface. It’s easier to do for others because there is no “investment” in the outcome if you know what I mean. When doing for self, there are those hurts that you’re not ready to let go of … and those old beliefs that no longer serve, but they are familiar and whether they make sense or not, you aren’t ready to let go of those either. All the things we harbor really do hold us back as we seek our highest Spiritual potential. In addition, these things contribute to physical illness and impede recovery. It is imperative that we bring these to the front and deal with them, particularly now in this time of dramatic change. To the degree that we are held back by anything, we become Spiritually handicapped. She helps you to cut through it all, weed out the wheat from the shaft, bridge the important elements and set a course for true advancement. This is not an instant process. She is a personal crystal who will work diligently with her special Keeper for you both have a common destiny …

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Exquisite and Rare Mica Replaced Quartz with Bridges

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