#20322 Gorgeous Polished Sapphire Egg - Guardian of Intuition and Truth
Gorgeous Polished Sapphire Egg - Guardian of Intuition and Truth
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This is a gorgeous sapphire egg, 1.4 oz and 1.25” tall by 1” in diameter.He appears dark until you gave at him in the light and the shades from blue-gray to vivid blue appear in swirls and clouds! He is a at once soothing and yet physically and energetically huge! He also has a bit of chatoyancy, meaning he is in actuality, a star sapphire … and he awaits his special Keeper!

Sapphire is an interesting crystalline sometimes a bit hard to read, but well worth sticking with it. It’s a difficult transition, but you will suddenly realize that it’s “quiet” inside – the left brain has toned down and is allowing the creativity, Spirit and intuition of the right brain to shine through. As the right brain gains “voice”, you begin to call forward your dreams, hopes and desires. He offers the ability to relate to those and help you bring them into your reality. Michael, Guardian of the Blue Ray, is said to speak through Sapphire, and if you look closely, you can see his radiance there. His message is to trust these Higher Forces that speak through you – your “intuition” – it is truth and it emanates from your Soul Spirit. It is only in that manner that you will truly come to realize your true purpose in this incarnation.

Sit with this magnificent Spirit and close your eyes. Beautiful music will help the energies flow – like Pachelbel’s Canon in D of Higher Ground (Steve Halpern). Draw your breath as if it were coming through the crystal. Gently rub your fingers across the etchings, turning this Spirit in your hand until you feel the energy flow. Allow the images to come forward – do not evaluate them and try to make meaning – just allow them to appear and unfold. Draw the images into your breath and ask the Spirit to make them meaningful to your current incarnation. Continue to sit and process until the images no longer come. Sit quietly until you feel complete and as you open your eyes, write down the images you remember. Through the next few days, their meaning will become clear through events, dreams and subsequent meditation.

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Gorgeous Polished Sapphire Egg - Guardian of Intuition and Truth

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