#20327 Lovely Golden Yellow Lepidolite on Light Smoky Quartz
Lovely Golden Yellow Lepidolite on Light Smoky Quartz
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This is a truly lovely 5.8 oz and 3.6” by 2.3” by 1.3” very light smoky quartz cluster from Brazil with golden yellow lepidolite like flowers! Who could tell me that crystalline flowers don’t exist? She has flowers around her slanted and healed base (and embedded within) and at the terminations of her cluster. For an added effect, check the base in the dark areas … black tourmaline! You can even see tourmaline inside the lepidolite! Some of her flowers are bright, sunny yellow, while most lean towards gold … and all are like a crystalline meadow! She is two main crystals (one twinned) with a few students surrounding them at the base. The sides literally glitter from a fine druse of tiny yellow lepidolite crystals! She is beyond stunning and will be an important addition to your personal working crystals!

It’s hard to know where to start with the energies of this Spirit – ancient, protective and yet uplifting, soaring, loving and warm. I have not worked with the yellow lepidolite before and it imparts a most wondrous energy. Many of us feel so drained at the end of the day, partly from stress and hard work, but then also from energy leaks. Light Workers are so used to working with their energy opened up wide and often times they risk leakage … there are many energy vampires around and as soon as they sense energy ‘in the air’, they are pulling it in. Now, I call them ‘vampires’ and yet, most of the time, they don’t even realize they do it – they just know they really, really like being with some people and it energizes them. Now, this Spirit helps these Light Workers to be more cognizant of what is happening and while opening their heart, she also seals the leaks so that the Light Worker is strong and effective yet still compassionate and empathic. She is a loving energy with much to offer her true Keeper.

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Lovely Golden Yellow Lepidolite on Light Smoky Quartz

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