#20348 Twinned, Gentle DT Gray Helper Quartz Wand
Twinned, Gentle DT Gray Helper Quartz Wand
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This is a wonderful DT quartz wand from Pakistan, 1.1 oz and 3.8” by 0.9” by 0.5” with twinned lower (and broader) termination. Her gray color isn’t smoky but is composed of slate and white chlorite and creates subtle bands of color within her. She is lustrous on all but one side and that side is with a marvelous druse of tiny to small students mixed with a bit of golden healer. Although all sides have Lemurian lines, one in particular has rather profound and tactile ones. She is truly a treasure and in excellent condition.

This Spirit speaks of strength through gentleness. I remember my grandmother with great love and affection. She was a gentle woman, never given to anger and always with a twinkle in her eye and laughter tugging at her smile. She wasn’t more than 5’ tall and yet, there was a strength about her that pulled her family through many hard times. This is the kind of energy I feel in this Spirit … and this is the kind of energy that is needed in these rapidly changing times and unfamiliar “waters”. She is meant specifically for a person who is trying to navigate these difficult times and needs feels the need of support for her Self. Her diffuse phantom teaches her to look within … that is where the answers reside if you are open to them and believe that you can prevail.

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Twinned, Gentle DT Gray Helper Quartz Wand

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