#20356 Autumn Shades of Gold and Pink Quartz with Manifestors - Shaman's Dream
Autumn Shades of Gold and Pink Quartz with Manifestors - Shaman's Dream
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This is a sumptuous and very clear 14.8 oz, 4.5” by 3.5” by 1.9”, lodelite-included (aka chlorite) quartz from Brazil. She is water-clear so included, that you wouldn’t think so. But inside, use a loupe and you will see “flowers” in shades of gold, toast and pink that really create the look of an autumn crystalline garden! Her healed base shows that indeed, she is a bit smoky as well as a crystal crown … glyphs feature on her faces with many manifestors inside! Her lower portion is heavily chlorite-eroded and healed with some keys around the edges. There is a delightful and hugely energetic feel to her, plus she is a perfect size between the hands, making her easy to work with. She has some tiny dings, but nothing of significance.

In Brazil, these crystals are known as Shaman’s Dream because of the wondrous inner landscape created by their inclusions. While many of us don’t want to specifically become Shamans, we do want to enhance our meditative states and improve both dream recall and dream interpretation. She helps to free your mind from conventional thought so as to expand your own cognitive abilities. For example, understand that a dream about a house does not represent the same thing to all people. We all have different internal “keys”, past/future lifetimes and current lifetime experiences. Allow your Self to wander the landscape within this Spirit and embrace the visions that unfold. This Spirit will bring a new level to your meditative state!

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Autumn Shades of Gold and Pink Quartz with Manifestors – Shaman’s Dream

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