#20371 Fluorescent Light Green Zincite Wand
Fluorescent Light Green Zincite Wand
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This is a gorgeous fluorescent DT zincite wand from Poland, 2 oz (and a rare, large size) and 3” by 0.8” by 0.6” with nice terminations. He is a light green with yellowish cast especially in his thinner termination and there are students all over him … kind of like a porcupine. He is surprisingly heavy for his size … and he will literally rock your world!

Zincite occurs rarely in nature … this was accidentally “man-made”. There was a huge smelter fire in what is now Poland and after the fire was extinguished and the ashes cleared, the smoke stacks were filled with these extraordinary crystals in glorious colors! They were formed by a process known as “sublimation” where gaseous zincite formed from the heat condensed onto the cooler stacks. The process to produce zincite now, mimics this accident!

This is a stone of personal Power. There is such unmitigated joy emanating from him that he seems to be saying “Celebrate WHO you are!” The energy spirals upward through the Solar Plexus and into the Crown Chakra in sweeping, pulsing swirls that warm the heart and create a contentment of Self. It’s like a relaxing day at the beach, walking in the woods, painting a picture, enjoying chocolate with coffee … all the things that give you pleasure and relaxation! And who doesn’t need that?

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Fluorescent Light Green Zincite Wand

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