#20389 Startling Phantom Manifestor Chlorite Quartz
Startling Phantom Manifestor Chlorite Quartz
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This is startling 2.4 oz, 3.3” by 0.95” by 0.85” Brazilian quartz with amazing attributes including a gentle curve on one side. She is very clear with a dark green chlorite phantom … but look closely and you’ll see that this is actually a crystal inside … you can easily see the sides with Lemurian lines! This is easier to see in person. With a loupe, you’ll see fragments of dark green chlorite throughout her. Her base is healed with a few small students at its edge and and there are rainbows as you turn her in the light. Sides host Lemurian lines with a few starbrary glyphs. There is a very little scrape along one facial edge, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition, awaiting her special Keeper.

This amazing Spirit has a gentle, yet protective aspect to her. She is an awesome Spirit for working with Self exploration, helping you to understand that every facet of your physical, emotional and Spiritual expression is part of you, and for whatever reason, serves a purpose. She helps you to fully understand that purpose, make ‘course corrections’ and become at ease with who you are – a wonderful gift! Now, this isn’t an easy thing for most of us – we already know what the issues are and for the most part, have berated our Self enough about them. She brings them to the surface and helps you to put them into perspective so that finally you understand the role of each thing. Now, it’s a slow process – too much cleansing too fast and you would fall sick. She deliberately softens the entire process so that you don’t suffer the stress of extreme change. In Brazil, these are called ‘angel quartz’ and once you work with her, you’ll understand why – she will be your new best friend!

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Startling Phantom Manifestor Chlorite Quartz

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