#20395 Twinned and Totally Surprising Kaolinite-Included Smoky Quartz
Twinned and Totally Surprising Kaolinite-Included Smoky Quartz
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A sweet arrival from Goveia, Brazil, this 1 lb 7.6 oz, 5.9” by 4.3” by 1.9” kaolinite-included quartz almost belies her smoky nature although she has a side that shows her true inner luster, complete with holographic Pleiadian glyphs. She is so included that she has a mottled gray appearance at first that is heavily growth interfered and glyphed. Her two crystals are joined at the termination, flaring outward at the base. The base is irregular but healed (with a key across the smaller point) and in her few clear areas (check the terminal faces with a loupe), you will see a manifestor inside! She is a very unique beauty and one that will provide amazing insight to her special Keeper, particularly one seeking a Soul Mate relationship!

The base energies for this Spirit are balance and destiny … I was so impressed about how mellow she made me feel which in turn spurred creativity, sense of purpose and joy in the path. I stared a long time at the beautiful and almost fluid patterns of the kaolinite as they seemed to move and swirl before me … this is a lovely scrying Spirit as well! She is well suited to a Keeper struggling with sense of purpose and acceptance of the road ahead, particularly as it relates to relationships.

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Twinned and Totally Surprising Kaolinite-Included Smoky Quartz

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