#20402 Amazing Elestial Melody Stone Quartz from Canada
Amazing Elestial Melody Stone Quartz from Canada
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This is a different1 oz elestial Melody Stone, 1.5” by 1.4” by 0.9”. She is fully healed and/or terminated and her base shows that her elestial portion is a thick secondary growth over a single point. Melody Stone contains white, smoky and amethyst quartz plus lepidocrosite, goethite, rutile and cacoxinite and comes not from Espirito Santo, Brazil but Thunder Bay, Canada! She is from my personal collection and I have had her about 10 years and she was certified to be a Melody Stone Because each crystal has the total energy of the combination, not all must be visible for the energy to be intact. She seems to have it all but its’s so hard to tell simply because of the sheer number of inclusions … she does have the energy. There is a large key to one side giving her a crescent look and she has a series of terminating rising to “support” the main termination … and there are numerous trigonic record keepers! She is a perfect size for pocket, medicine pouch or personal meditation. She passes to her new Keeper with much love!

To work with a Melody Stone is to experience a rare and different high-intensity energy. Wearing or carrying one really does enhance your psychic capabilities, but in a very subtle way. Each one needs to blend its energy with yours a few days before you begin to notice the true effect, so it is important to find one that resonates with your own energies. The Chinese speak of a balance between earth, air, water and fire and this Spirit strikes that balance! She has the abundant fire of the lepidocrosite, the water the ‘mother liquor’ that once held all these ‘pieces’ together in solution until the crystal took shape and the earth of her crystalline matrix. The energy shift is steady and sure and all of a sudden, you realize what is happening because the threshold has been reached. Working with her on a regular basis will continue to enhance your abilities and bond you to her forever! Her manifestors (and indeed with all the crystals inside, she is a potent manifestor) show you that you can manifest passion, creativity and balance in your life (and hence great joy!). I have worked with Melody Stones before and they are truly beyond any energy I’ve experienced! Simply amazing!

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Amazing Elestial Melody Stone Quartz from Canada

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