#20408 Dynamite Smoky Quartz Shard, Part Changeling and Part Elestial
Dynamite Smoky Quartz Shard, Part Changeling and Part Elestial
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This is a dynamic and interesting 2.8 oz, 3.6” by 2” by 0.9” smoky shard from Brazil. A shard is a crystal that was literally torn apart from Earth forces and has healed through the eons into the spectacular expression you see here. Her shard shape is somewhat flattened and the base and sides are entirely healed. There is partial cloaking on the top and just over that “frosting”, there is a changeling area and then a smoky elestial area (with included deep red lepidocrosite) and a side of stacked mica with an inset of calcite! Whew! She warms easily to the touch and I think you’ll find her energies both comforting and awesome! She is in excellent condition.

This Spirit’s smoky background is a natural protective energy – kind of the way you feel after a particularly bad day and you arrive home to security, familiarity and comfort! As you sit with her you will feel as if there is a huge beam, shooting up like a laser from your hands – very, very powerful. Your room fills with this amazing energy and suddenly, her role becomes apparent. We spend much of our lives in fear – afraid we’ll be late, worried about enough money (or time, or prestige or power – you name it), always fearing for the worse, no matter what the other potential outcomes. This Spirit helps you to see your life in abundance, in appreciation of all the miracles that happen on a daily basis. Spring is a miracle, a baby is a miracle, a call from a friend is a miracle – they are all miracles, but we take them so much for granted that we look for a really, really big miracle to make a difference and until we see it, we allow fear to dominate and crowd out all the wonderful things that happen to us all the time. Work with this Spirit on a regular basis, and day by day, you will see a subtle change setting in. The air will be fresher, your garden will be brighter and your life will just seem more joyful as fear is gradually replaced with sincere appreciation for All That Is. She is a hard worker and will be a source of great enlightenment for her Keeper.

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Dynamite Smoky Quartz Shard, Part Changeling and Part Elestial

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