#20419 Glittering Ruby Jack Sphalerite and Calcite - Tennessee
Glittering Ruby Jack Sphalerite and Calcite - Tennessee
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This is a wondrous and sparkling 0.7 oz cluster measures 2.3” by 0.8” by 1” and comes from the Elmwood Mine, TN. The crystals are both gemmy and metallic with flashes of red and gold – called ruby jack. They look like gleaming mountains in a glittering bed of calcite crystals (the ones Tennessee is known for) spread fairly liberally among the peaks. These mines have been closed for years now and this material if from an old collection that my supplier recently acquired. He fits well in the open palm of your hand with his base in contact with the palm meridians. That allows you to study the details and note the intricacy and beauty of his expression. What a stunning cluster!

There is no crystal better for ‘clearing fog’ like sphalerite. As opposed to its name, his energies are quite clarifying and help to provide focus, stimulate intuition and open the Third Eye. He is the dominant energy of this grouping and oh my, what a clearing and splendid energy he has! But that being said, I love the sense of balance he instills, as if things are suddenly just fine. Calcite assists in dealing with change and change you will as you begin to work the Third Eye to a much greater degree. Likewise, this cluster is important for healing work since he can move energies on many levels in a protective and efficient manner. Use him to open up the patient to the energies of the other crystals or modalities you will use in the treatment. He is a one of a kind healing tool and an absolutely stunning one at that!

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Glittering Ruby Jack Sphalerite and Calcite - Tennessee

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