#20427 Large and Curved Sunny Yellow Brucite
Large and Curved Sunny Yellow Brucite
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This is a large (for brucite) 22.5 gram 2.5” by 1.4” by 0.45” botryoidal cluster of brucite from Pakistan that is curved up on the side like it grew up against something else. The curved up portion is blushed yellow whereas the rest of the cluster is a bright, sunny yellow with fully-healed base. Most brucite crystals are rather dull and uninteresting, but these are well-formed crystals with no matrix. She is like holding joy in your hand!

This crystal is a go-getter! as I worked with her, I could feel a sharpened focus … like all of a sudden my scattered thoughts began to coalesce into a plan for moving forward. Interestingly, it wasn’t just on the work level, but on the Spiritual level … really important for seeing a path for Spiritual enlightenment. I also found her cheery and joyful so that the work to do all this wasn’t such a drudge. She really IS joy in your hand!

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Large and Curved Sunny Yellow Brucite

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