#20459 Colorful, Rare Trigonic Super Eight Quartz - Harmonic Stone
Colorful, Rare Trigonic Super Eight Quartz - Harmonic Stone
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This is an arrival from Matta Grosso, Brazil … a very special quartz that has been absent from the market for years … the Super Eight! Super Eight is a mixture of amethyst, cacoxinite, clear quartz, hematite, strengite, beraunite, rockbridgeite and limonite, most of which are various phosphates of iron. Unlike the Super Seven (or Melody Stone), these are not really visible but are present “by solution” when the quartz was molten and before it crystalized. This enticing and special Spirit weighs 2.9 oz and is 2.8” by 1.3” by 1.35” and at first looks a bit like the indigo quartz or Auralite. The amethyst is richly colored and chevroned and the crown holds subtle glyphs and tiny trigonic record keepers. Strongly backlight her and you will see a rich and deep golden brown just below the hematite layer. The termination is skewed as a result of keys all around and in the back with the back ones running “tip to toe”. She has a healed ding to one side of the hematite crown but is otherwise in excellent condition … and is utterly and simply stunning!

Super Eight quartz is often called the Harmonic Stone. I wasn’t sure about that when I first worked with her. She was buzzy and electric for about 15 minutes, and then it quelled into a peaceful, pulsing wave seemed to enter my toes and exit the Crown … I didn’t want to put her down! Music/sound comes in waves, light comes in waves, heat comes in waves and all three are energy. All my Chakras felt aligned and wonderfully energized. After my meditation, I felt relaxed, peaceful and energized … it was a wonderful experience. I can see her being a wonderful benefit to any crystal/Reiki healing practice, but personal meditation seems to be her forte … she bonds quickly to a special Keeper and would not want to be far from this Keeper. She is a wondrous and special companion!

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Colorful, Rare Trigonic Super Eight Quartz - Harmonic Stone

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