#20466 Fascinating DT Smoky Quartz with Rutile, Mica, Manifestors
Fascinating DT Smoky Quartz with Rutile, Mica, Manifestors
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This absolutely fascinating DT crystal is 1.3 oz and 2.9” by 1.1” by 0.55”and is from Brazil. She is a light golden smoky color and is interestingly has one entire side that is a ley edged with tiny students. Remaining sides are covered with tactile Lemurian lines. There is an Isis face and a bit of deep green chlorite inside as well as one wide needle of golden rutile and a number of long manifestors. Mica dots her sides and some have even formed flower-like clusters. She has a few very tiny dings, but otherwise is quite excellent and a most unusual and beautiful crystalline Spirit that will be a fascinating study with a loupe!

Look at this Spirit … she is pure and beautiful! She has an amazing way of cutting through pretense and outward representation, right to the “quick” of the matter. She allows you to see things from a completely different perspective, opening your Self to latent abilities. In this manner, she serves to allay your fears for it is difficult to fear that which you know. Her smoky quartz resists negativity and enables you to carry that understanding from the mind and into the heart and the Spirit, so that you perceive on all levels. Her mica supports introspection and inner knowing. She is a wondrous and mysterious Spirit, yet open in her energies and ready to facilitate your own exploration of Self, critical to your growth as a Light Worker.

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Fascinating DT Smoky Quartz with Rutile, Mica, Manifestors

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