#20476 Keyed, Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz Wand
Keyed, Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz Wand
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This wonderful Spirit is from Serra do Cabral, Brazil, weighs 2.3 oz, and measures 4.05” by 1.05” by 0.7” crystal with a healed base almost spirally-surrounded by deep keys. This crystal has rather a nice but zoned color that gives her a dark-red glow. There are Lemurian lines that are casually interrupted by very unusual starbrary glyphs … paramecium-like glyphs on most of her sides … Coronus starbrary glyphs! Some you have to read from an adjoining or opposite side! She has a few little dings (mostly at the key edges) … she is a study for her Keeper and a perfect meditation companion!

When I first worked with these crystals, I kept getting ‘Coronus’ so went to Google and found that there are two Corona constellations … the ‘Crown’ … one in each hemisphere. Working deeper, she advised that the Star Peoples who created these records chose crystals because of the enduring nature of the record. Coronus starbraries are the true Avatars … they are encoded with maps of all kinds from constellations to planetary systems to biological records to chemical expressions. And she appears to have a little of each, but mostly the celestial maps. And her earthquake zone adds information from this Earth as well. She has indicated that each Keeper attracted to these starbraries will gravitate to one type and that each crystal can be used alone or with other starbraries as guides to deeper information.

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Keyed, Red Coronus Avatar Starbrary Quartz Wand

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