#20491 Rare Large Silvery Cuprite Crystal Cluster - Russia
Rare Large Silvery Cuprite Crystal Cluster - Russia
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This is a palm-sized, 8.6 oz, 2.3” by 1.9” by 2” silvery-red cluster cuprite crystals, very uncommon and even more uncommon from Russia! There are numerous crystals that show the tetrahedral shape and are layered so that you could almost call them elestial. There are many little students tucked in the crevices, along with a bit of calcite. He has a wonderful heft and an even more wonderful energetic hand-feel! You will be positively astounded!

This is a strong Primal Chakra stone, very useful for a Keeper who is also a Healer, working on patients who are overcome with worry. Too often these people become incapacitated because they worry about everything – even worrying that they worry too much! Life becomes an ordeal as they literally cannot make their minds up – for them, there just isn't any right decision. This is a very specific kind of fear and it leads to some of the most dire of physical expressions. This Spirit, coupled with rose quartz, enables the patient to understand the true nature of their own power … within their Self. They also come to feel comfortable with that Self and understand that there are no wrong decisions! We express as physical beings to learn and denied this experience, we become a waif of a being. Keep in mind that this process will take a while to reverse, several treatments at first, followed by “tune-ups” will go a long way towards renewing those critical energies. He is also a wonderful Spirit for tucking under the pillow where he will bring peace to the dream state.

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Rare Large Silvery Cuprite Crystal Cluster - Russia

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