#20514 Exquisite Druzy Ice Blue Chalcedony - Malawi
Exquisite Druzy Ice Blue Chalcedony - Malawi
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This is an amazing 3.3 oz, 2.8” by 1.6” by 1.5” piece of simply gorgeous Malawi blue chalcedony that is kind of folded up on two sides. She has a crystal center of sparkling, clear quartz crystals with an outside of chalcedony that is mixed frothy and druse-covered chalcedony bubbles on the outside. The blue comes from titanium in the quartz and oh my, is it rich, yet beautifully pastel. The chalcedony almost has a violet tone with golden healer adding a wonderful color contrast with the bit of golden healer at her base! You will have to explore this Spirit with a loupe to take in the beauty that she presents on a micro level! This is a stunning, stunning Spirit with gentle energies for her Keeper.

As I was working with this Spirit, I got the words “Light of Spiritual Truth” … that is both her name and her role. She gently opens your Chakras wide so that you may know and accept the truth available. She is all about communication on many levels; once the channels are cleared, you will find physical expression appropriate to the Spiritual level you have achieved. And this includes the expression of Self. Beyond her pastel beauty, this is a wonderful and brilliant crystalline light!

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Exquisite Druzy Ice Blue Chalcedony - Malawi



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