#20517 Gel-Like Orange-Red Banded Rhodochrosite Freeform with Heart
Gel-Like Orange-Red Banded Rhodochrosite Freeform with Heart
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This is an amazing freeform of rhodochrosite from a new find in Peru and I think you’ll agree that it’s totally unique! The color is deep and rich red with orange overtones and gel-like on one side and beautifully banded on the other. The most fascinating thing is the heart on the more gel side! And as I was editing pictures, I noticed that the heart was within what looks like a bird … specifically a penguin! She is nothing short of sublime and will be a real meditation favorite! She is 2.5 oz and 1.65” by 1.2” by 1.1”.

Rhodochrosite has been called the stone of love and balance and with her heart, she epitomizes both. When my husband and I got married, we each carried a slice of rhodochrosite with us to symbolize the love we shared and the balance we wanted. It was a great choice and we still have those rhodochrosite slices! The energies are so soft and warming and calming, all at once. The coral-pink color allows the expression of the heart with the passion of the physical. They give you the confidence to do and BE what you truly love! She is a wonderful stone as the center for a heart grid or an addition to a loving altar!

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Gel-Like Orange-Red Banded Rhodochrosite Freeform with Heart

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