#20519 Gently Misted DT Journeying Quartz with Stargazer Student
Gently Misted DT Journeying Quartz with Stargazer Student
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This is a gently misted of 1.8 oz, 1.6” by 1.5” by 1.4” doubly terminated quartz with Lemurian lines and a number of small students, the largest of which is a stargazer. A bit of golden healer gives him a very slight golden glow. His upper termination is a generator while his lower one is twinned! Both terminations have interestingly glyphed faces that will leave you rapt with total fascination as you check him with a loupe and notice one new thing after another! He is a wonderful Spirit and ready to go traveling with his Keeper. He is from the Sweet Surrender Mine in Arkansas and is in excellent condition!

Native Americans sought quartz with the ripples on the face; they called these ‘journeying quartz’. You use them in much the same way that you would a scrying mirror, focusing on a question and then allowing yourself to enter the crystal in search of the answer. He fits nicely in the palm of your hand with his stargazer-penetrator student pair in contact with the thumb. He enables a thorough look and helps you find those answers within yourself that need both voice and reinforcement. You will find yourself reaching for him often!

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Gently Misted DT Journeying Quartz with Stargazer Student

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