#20524 Heart-Shaped and Large Etched Red Spessartine Garnet
Heart-Shaped and Large Etched Red Spessartine Garnet
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This is a gemmy, gorgeous and heart-shaped 15.9 gram, 1” by 0.95” by 0.45” spessartine garnet from Brazil. The color is deep red with tinges of orange and so beyond stunning! When you think of something as being etched, you think of scored and dull – well, this Spirit definitely is not – everything about him is bright, lustrous and shiny and the etchings are layers of crystal lattice – similar to the growth patterns in bismuth. He is without a doubt, totally gorgeous! And he clearly looks like something not of this earth … my photos do not come even close to doing him justice. You will be captivated – and use a loupe so that you see it all! There is a small chip on one side, but nothing that effects his handsomeness or energy!

I continue to be amazed by the energy – not like any other garnets I have ever worked with. He is very clearly a Soul Source Spirit – one that connects you to the very essence of your being. This one also feels like a link – like he should be the center of a grid set up to enhance communication with Star Peoples. And in establishing this communication grid, you will open channels to your own identity and role in this physical expression. He literally took my breath away and I think he will do the same with his Keeper.

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Heart-Shaped and Large Etched Red Spessartine Garnet

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