#20525 Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lithium Rich Lepidolite with Citrine Quartz
Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lithium Rich Lepidolite with Citrine Quartz
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This is an incredible 6.8 oz DT colony of glittering lepidolite in clusters of columns that look like delicate pink snowflakes top down! She measures 4.6” by 3.6” by 1.1” and is a stunning Brazilian beauty from Minas Gerais! I love the pale pink-violet color of her with the silvery luster that creates abundant sparkles when you turn her in the light … she reminds me of January snow … only pink! And as you are checking the lovely lepidolite, note the smattering of little citrine quartz along her base! Gleaming, glowing and heart-centered, she awaits her special Keeper.

First, her citrine nature ensures that she neither accumulates nor attracts negative energy. Bright and sunny, she is wonderful for bringing abundance to her Keeper. Lepidolite is a mineral for those who need to understand and feel unconditional love, it provides a reflective quality for the keeper so that they are able to recognize the flaws of humanity and yet remain in a heart-felt space to continue to love this all of Humanity. It allows the keeper to see situations in complete detail, magnifying the important aspects and instilling understanding and wisdom along with correct action that may be needed. When you look at others, you are able to understand that..."within each person, you see only the reflection of what you wish that person to be"... it provides a wonderful awareness of individual paths and how they are uniquely expressed. It brings clarity to visions and intuitive work, while enhancing agility in physical, emotional and intellectual situations. Work with her gradually and allow time for each discovery to integrate. She loves meditation and be a wonderful companion for your innermost journeys!

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Incredible “Snowflakes” of Lithium Rich Lepidolite with Citrine Quartz

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