#20558 Brilliant Green Dioptase Cluster
Brilliant Green Dioptase Cluster
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This is a 2 oz cluster of individual crystals of brilliant green dioptase from Kokoveld, Namibia, all sitting on a plate of Mother Earth matrix. This sweetie is best studied with a loupe so you see that she holds an abundance of tiny, terminated crystals all done in stunning greens! You almost need the Mother earth matrix to keep you on the ground … happy flights!

This is a wonderful Spirit for Third Eye work – she is deft at bringing you into the present where your ‘seat of power’ is. She balances and tones and allows you to focus on what is at hand – it’s a subtle difference, but you begin to see what you truly have, not what you don’t. As you perceive your own abundance, your perspective begins to shift. Believe me, you DO see the world with rose-colored glasses, but not ones that paint something rosy without meaning, but rather ones that help you to understand your true wealth and riches. To work with her, you can fold her into a white silk handkerchief and tie it gently around the head so that she is over your Third Eye. Be prepared for the clearing – keep a lot of Kleenex nearby as you will find things clear rather easily. Enjoy her and enjoy your new abundance!

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Brilliant Green Dioptase Cluster

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