#20569 Gleaming Layered and Angular, Plaited Golden Mica Shield
Gleaming Layered and Angular, Plaited Golden Mica Shield
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These are wonderful Spirits from Aracuai, Brazil. She weighs 3.3 oz and is a 4” by 2.8” by 0.5” with a bit of albite on the outer edge … and she is rather diamond-shaped. Some of these mica books are like flowers, arranged in rosettes while others are more shield-like and plaited as the hexagonal crystals are layered over each other, as if braided. She is the later, making her look a bit like a gleaming, golden, angular flower. She is a wondrous Spirit, perfect for altar or meditation as she sits beautifully in the palm of your hand!

Mica is a very special mineral and I think we all fascinate at the way the layers peel off into translucent sheets from an opaque stack. That is very much like our life, built in layers. We stack layer of experience upon layer until we no longer can see through. As we peel them off, tiny bit by tiny bit, we begin to visualize and understand the significance of each experience. These energies permit the examination of self and all who we are so that the change that must take place is fully integrated the experience into our Consciousness. I love the shield arrangement of this Spirit, symbolic of the shield that we sometimes place around our Self so that no one truly gets close. She further reminds us that we miss so much this way and we must have sufficient love of and confidence in our Self to allow others to see the true and unique beauty that is each of us!

She is a very magical combination and this Spirit would like to work in a Reiki or healing practice where it can assist the patient in sorting out the details of his or her life, bringing meaning and clarity. Use with black tourmaline to absorb negativity and double terminated quartz (preferably Herkimer quartz) to facilitate energy flow.

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Gleaming Layered and Angular, Plaited Golden Mica Shield

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