#20574 Large Gorgeous Deep Green DT Epidote Wand
Large Gorgeous Deep Green DT Epidote Wand
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This is a fabulous wand of deep green, gemmy Brazilian epidote and a nice DT with long, thin blades of epidote crystals arranged in a slender, fan-like splay. His terminations are beautifully-formed and his lines run up and down, similar to tourmalines. You will need a loupe to see the glyphs along them as well as the slightly irridescent areas … just absolutely stunning! And if that wasn’t enough, he has a perfectly splendid hand feel – perfect for healing applications! He is absolutely astounding and is 1.7 oz and 4.5” by 0.0.95” by 0.7”.

Epidote is an amazing crystal, highly protective, energetic and loving. He really stimulates your sense of being and self-worth so that you experience an overall robust personal power. He is not a Spirit for the timid, however, for you will find his energies push you, cajole you and propel you into greater expression. He is a wonderful personal meditation companion but can also be used as a central crystal for a grid or utilized in a crystal healing or Reiki practice. He is particularly well-suited for the patient who is ready for more complex and deeper treatments, including dream therapy. For his Keeper, he is also a wonderful dream crystal placed on a nightstand … you will be totally amazed by the depth and intensity of your dreams!

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Large Gorgeous Deep Green DT Epidote Wand

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