#20589 Resplendent Altar-Sized Bolivian Ametrine Quartz Castle - Andromeda Starbrary
Resplendent Altar-Sized Bolivian Ametrine Quartz Castle - Andromeda Starbrary
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From the Anahi Mine in Bolivia, comes this absolutely, truly resplendent and majestic ametrine castle-like point, perfect for an altar. She is 2 lb 14.5 oz point, 7” by 3.5” by 3”. I was able to get a small number of these splendid ametrines her being the last and largest of them, and they are truly special. Her castled sides are natural and show unusual Andromeda starbrary glyphs. She has some keys around her sides, blended with the glyphs and her base tapers into a “V” … she would love to be upright, placed in a special vase or pot filled with white sand. She has a nice generator termination and the faces have a bit of iridescence, meandering glyphs and quite a number of splendid trigonic record keepers as well. When held to the light, she simply glows amethyst, coloring her through and through. But rotate her and you see the gorgeous citrine flames within as well as the occasional rainbow and a subtle layered phantom! Because of the intensity of the amethyst coloring, the citrine looks a bit smoky without backlight, but it’s really pronounced. Bolivian amethyst is premier and this ametrine is a treat! She is in excellent condition (a few very teeny dings of no significance) and she would love to be part of a special altar for her special Keeper.

Ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine; citrine is the result of the earth’s natural heating that turns amethyst into the golden color you recognize as citrine. As such, she is a chameleon, a transformation and transmutation artist, as well as one that unifies the yin and yang aspects of our Self. That’s a pretty big task when you think about it. The Spiritual qualities of her amethyst blend with those of the physical – critical for one on a Spiritual path so that all that is learned is put into physical expression. The sensitivity of the Higher Self is melded with the protection of the core Self and core beliefs. She has energies that are both calming and lofty with those that are energizing and active. Believe me when I tell you that she is kind of an “answer crystal”, allowing you to extract the energies you need for the moment and for your development. I found her very useful for fending off psychic attacks, apparently as a result of her chameleon abilities – she can reflect those negative energies away from her Keeper and provide a means of transmuting them. If you were to have but one crystal on your altar, this would be the one! Anoint her with rainwater and experience her heady crystalline musk and delight in every aspect of her wondrous expression!

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Resplendent Altar-Sized Bolivian Ametrine Quartz Castle - Andromeda Starbrary

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